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Active projects

Which events take place in Vienna or online?

Spanish family workshop

Old projects

Wouldn't it be wonderful to repeat them?


Events in Vienna, Austria

Our events at local level revolve around raising awareness and raising awareness among the population and offer lectures, exhibitions and presentations on migration, childhood and integration difficulties. They usually take place in the WUK cultural center where our office is located. We often work with artists to express ourselves through art and performance.

Are the projects limited to the city of Vienna?

Not at all, although our field of activity is usually concentrated on the city of Vienna, we also organize European projects and youth exchanges. Of course the participants come from different countries and we don't always meet in person because digital media has been a great opportunity to help people who are far away.

Grosses Schiff contributors

Depending on the event, we work together with various organizations and institutions that share our values and concerns. To name just a few: the City of Vienna, MSA, Wiener Kindergruppe, Jugendinfo - WienXtra, Linguamulti ...

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