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It takes a Grätzl to raise a child

La Rueda cooperates with MSA, the Vereinsgasse

The basic idea behind the project "It takes a grätzl to raise a child" La Rueda children's group (Verein Großes Schiff) cooperates with the integration multi-level class MSA of the all-day elementary school Vereinsgasse came about during the cooperation with the MA 17 funded project Saturday Club, and aims to bring together the multi-age educational institutions of the district, to carry out a challenging project together, to network with each other and also to draw attention to the mixed-age educational institutions of the district and thus also of the city of Vienna.


The pedagogical added value of a cooperation for the children of the La Rueda 2.0 children's group and for the children of the Vereinsgasse elementary school was given, since above all the transition of the older children's group children is facilitated by this approach to an elementary school in the district, in which the age-spanning pedagogical approach is continued.

Lo and behold: the approach is paying off, two of the school-age children in the La Rueda 2.0 group switched to the MSA class in Vereinsgasse in September 2021.

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