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Our Planet - Our Future
International Youth Exchange Project for young adults, funded by the EU.

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"Our Planet our Future" is an international youth exchange that will take place at the beginning of July (from 2 to 10 July) in Agros, Cyprus.

(up to 30 years old) from Greece, Italy, Romania, UK, and Cyprus will participate.

The theme will be climate protection, climate justice and sustainability.

The participants will stay for 8 days in Cyprus, a very southern country, with other young adults in a house (hotel) in Agros in the interior of Cyprus.

You are welcome to plan and implement your own activities on the topic of climate protection.

We would support you methodically! We are looking forward to an interesting programme in which everyone can participate and which is interesting for all participants.

We will fly, but with CO2 compensation via BOKU, as the land route would take 6 days there and back...

The travel (including CO2 compensation), food and accommodation will be paid for by the European Union through Erasmus+, so there will be no costs for the participants.

The project was accompanied by Hartwig Imlinger, the journey itself by Sophie Kofler...


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