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Migrativas, a project from the Big Ship

The magazine can be purchased for EUR 10 each plus shipping costs. Please send orders to:

Migrativas is a journalistic project. It consists of the production of an annual magazine and a radio program. This is realized by migrants, mostly from the Spanish-speaking community.
The project is managed by the Grosses Schiff association and is currently being implemented with funding from MA57, Frauen Stadt Wien and the ÖH student union of the University of Vienna.

The primary goal is to create a space in which communication and visibility for issues related to migration in connection with questions of gender and role attributions are possible.

The meetings are also led by migrants who also actively shape the production.
The work process is based on collective decisions, which means that both the management team and the participants make joint decisions.

It should be emphasized that the journal also contains texts by people who were invited to publish something but were not directly involved in the group process.

The project began in February 2015 and has so far consisted of meetings for publishing work and specific workshops on journalism, photography and literature on the one hand and voice training and singing workshops on the other hand for the radio production part.

Thematic focal points such as biographies and chronicles, literature, photography, quotations, annoyances and recipes were developed in this first edition. They are rooted in an ensemble of ideas, desires, concerns and interests of both the participants and the leadership team.

Ivana Reyero,
project manager

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