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A la Rueda Rueda

Children's workshop program in the Spanish language

"A la Rueda Rueda" is an interdisciplinary art workshop for children in Spanish.

The workshops take place once a week in the afternoon in the WUK and last one hour.


They form a cycle of activities that each focus on one of the areas of music, dance, theater or art.


The program is supplemented by children's philosophy lessons, playful writing rooms, a "fantastic laboratory", literary rounds, concerts and festivals as well as the Rueda cinema, which creates an enriching interdisciplinary mix.


In this way, the children actively come into contact with the Spanish language through play, improvisation, social interaction and artistic expression.


The "Rueda" took place on September 27, 2010 for the first time. It is carried out by the Large Ship Association.

Contact:Ivana Reyero

Phone:+43 650 640 7891Web:

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