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Art workshops for women with a migration biography in Vienna

Identity, Diversity and Participation

Art workshops for women with a migration biography

The individual processes are like a cycle that is constantly in motion, just as the artistic process makes it possible to see oneself in a constant reconstruction of one's identity.

The artistic process slowly enters everyday life, so we also live migration as a creative development.
An ongoing process that can lead us to understand ourselves existentially better, in which we feel safe in the trans-cultural space together with others who are also in similar situations, wherever they come from.

The aim of the Creativas workshops is to support individual and collective creativity.
The workshop coordinators have the function of individual coaches who provide a common thread.
Showing and sharing achievements and celebrating the creative process makes the migration process, albeit difficult, also a celebration.

There is no material gain in the program, which is why the workshops also depend on funding and cooperation. At the end of each workshop unit, the participants have the possibility to leave an amount of their choice, adapted to the possibilities of each participant, to support the project and the realization of exhibitions, festivities, etc.

Why creatives?

The idea came after an event as part of the 100 year celebration of Women's Day, where we celebrated the woman at the center through literature and performance. From this arose the need for a more comprehensive proposal and one that is open, in which participation and interaction can be felt directly, also outside the workshops.

As part of the program there is also the collective "Action Creativas", open to all people, launching collective artistic and performative actions.

Creativas continues to open up with the aim of supporting every woman who wants to recognize herself and bring different perspectives to her transcultural experiences.

Art is used as a method of social intervention, not as an end in itself.

Concept and direction:

Ivana Reyero

+43 650 640 7891

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