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Who are we? Grosses Schiff, association for care

The association bears the name “Großes Schiff”, an association for the care of children as well as for intercultural and educational occupation with art, dance, theater and music.

Our program attaches great importance to the promotion and participation of people with a migration background as well as promoting diversity within society.

The Großes Schiff association has existed since April 2010 and is based in Vienna, Austria, its activities have so far mostly taken place in Vienna, the association has already carried out projects in the EU and other parts of the world.

Why Big Ship?

Why this name?


The name we choose for our organization refers to my family history, which began with my maternal grandparents who migrated from northern Croatia to northern Argentina in 1929 and went through various ports until they arrived in Buenos Aires on a large ship.


The trip lasted two months.


The contrast and similarity to migration today ... to wander by sea as a symbol of change, transformation and even freedom if you want ...

Thus Big Ship became the name we gave our association.


Ivana Reyero , co-founder


Culture, social and educational department

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Continue reading!

Verena Melgarejo Weinandt is the daughter of a German mother and a Bolivian father. She was born in Berlin, has lived in Bolivia and Argentina and has been in Vienna for 10 years.


She completed a photography course at the Higher Graphics School in Vienna and worked as a freelance photographer.

She studied fine arts and art and cultural sciences at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and was a 2016 scholarship holder of kültüř gemma! ( ) and is currently working as a freelance artist and curator while writing her doctoral thesis. 

This is her current project, which she has carried out in cooperation with the Grosses Schiff association:


She has been part of the team at Verein Großes Schiff since 2012, has given various photo workshops and supports and accompanies the work of the association in various ways.

Gina Gleissner Bonetti
grew up near Hamburg.

After school, she initially worked at the Alte Feuerwache youth center in Berlin, where she worked in open youth work and was involved in the Academy Musical School project.

Later start of studies International Development in Vienna, which was completed in 2014.

Since 2014 she has been studying social work at the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. In between and during this time, she repeatedly worked in political-activist collectives, worked as a consultant at the ÖH Uni Vienna.

Since October 2014 she has been part of the team at Verein Großes Schiff


Foto Luisa Lobo.png

Luisa Lobo completed her education as a teacher in Brazil, where she gained experience in teaching and research.


In Vienna she studies cultural and social anthropology and the psychotherapeutic propaedeutic course.


She is currently working at Caritas as a caregiver for unaccompanied minor refugees and is involved in various social projects.

David García Martínez was born in Madrid in 1977. He has been living in Vienna since 2000, where he has been working as a Spanish teacher for several years and does translations into his mother tongue.  

He attaches particular importance to conveying the Spanish-speaking cultural world and a lively form of language learning.

He has already been a member of the jury several times at the annual “Language Mania” in Vienna.

In the Big Ship Association he works as secretary to write down the ship's diary - to record where the Big Ship is supposed to move, where it came from and what happens on the way.


Manfred Leitner.


Born in Vienna in 1975 and also attended school there up to the Matura.

Tried all sorts of things to study and work until 2007, when the course "Music Therapy" was finally found, which was completed in 2015 with a master's degree.

Additionally cashier at the association "Grosses-Schiff"!


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