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Everything is allowed - theater improvisation

Who says you need a costume and props to play Harry Potter or Hermione Granger?


Anything you can imagine, you can be!


With playful bodywork we explore how many possibilities there are, e.g. B. to represent a huge ear that buys from a gigantic nose.


We experiment with movement speeds, practice stumbling or running against a wall.


Every child is allowed to think up a story, stage it with the others and of course play along with it.

The aim of my workshop is to help children not to let their fantasy locks clogged up, to encourage them that a stick can be a king's scepter, a pistol, or a magic wand. We celebrate the sheer fun of the transformation game!


Where: In the large Ini room in the WUK (staircase 5), 1st floor, back right

When: every Tuesday from 04/05/2021, from 5.30 p.m. - 7.00 p.m. ... until 29/06/2021 (except during the autumn holidays and on December 8th, last date on December 22nd)


Cost: 150 euros

Participants: max. 10


Registration at:


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Grischka Voss (D)

Actress, writer, director

Training in acting and dance in New York and Vienna 1993-1995

In 1997 the freelance artist founded "the bernhard ensemble" with Ernst Kurt Weigel.

She sees herself as a freelance storyteller with strong social concerns, has created numerous pieces for the bernhard ensemble and, since 2017, has her own productions with which she has made guest appearances at home and abroad. Mostly she writes her own pieces, plays, stages and often also draws for the stage and equipment of her projects.

Awards: Nestroy for the best off theater production, numerous other nominations

Grischka Voss has been giving regular anarchist theater workshops since 2012.

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