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Grosses Schiff Association,
NGO in Vienna



Hoş geldiniz


What do we do?

Multilingual and diversed childcare. 


  • Kindergruppen

  • Kindergarten

Support and integration of people with a migrant background.


  • Events

  • Projects

Art workshops in Vienna

  • For children

  • For adults

Support for feminist and environmental causes

  • Collaborations.

  • Active participation.

Continuous training courses.


  • For pedagogues.

  • Interested families.

Grosses Schiff Büro.jpg

Who are we?

Grosses Schiff (Big Ship) is an intercultural non-profit association founded in 2010 and based in Vienna. Its name and logo are a nostalgic homage to the huge ships that used to cross the Atlantic Ocean, carrying thousands of migrants in one direction or another. Since its inception, Grosses Schiff has promoted projects and programmes for people with a migrant background, always from an artistic and linguistic perspective. After more than a decade of activity, our scope of action has been extended to pre-school education with the opening of multilingual kindergartens.  


We aim to encourage a sense of belonging and respect for all kinds of people, as we understand that they are essential for an equitable community. In addition, we embrace an ecological and sustainable lifestyle, recognising our duty to the environment and the well-being of future generations.


Our primary goal is to foster the holistic development of the children in our care, encouraging them to become independent, empathetic and compassionate individuals, which will ultimately lead them to become multilingual and conscientious adults. Our actions and leadership principles are shaped by these values, which are the basis of our vision for the future.

Projects and partners

At Grosses Schiff, we are open to new projects that are in line with our principles. 


We are part of the Etwinning community and participate in European projects.

Find us here

Our Team

Profil Ivana Reyero_edited.jpg

Ivana Reyero

Chairwoman, pedagogical director of the association and the children's groups department

Isabel Langa Fernández_edited.jpg

Isabel Langa

Einige unserer Projekte

Proyecto BABO.jpg

Internationales Projekt zum Thema Mehrsprachigkeit in der Elementarpädagogik

Babo - -Bilingual And Bicultural Outlook- ist ein drei jähriges Projekt im Bereich von Erasmus+ gefördert, mit Partnerorganisationen in Spanien (Lead Partner + Partner), Irland (2 Partner) Belgien und Österreich. In Österreich sind die La Rueda Kindergruppen des Vereins Großes Schiff zum Partner gewählt worden.

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