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New project and new opportunities, what is the E+ Round Trip?

Our association, Großes Schiff, has existed since April 2010. We have been in Vienna all this time, executing local and world-wide activities while getting involved in the following areas:

· Performing artistic and educational workshops for children, teenagers and adults.

· Offering further training in the field of Children's group education.

· The promotion and participation of people with Migration background.

· The promotion and appreciation of diversity within the society.

· An ecological and sustainable lifestyle.

· Helping multilingual children to grow up self-determined, mindful, loving, and compassionate.

However, lately we have been focusing on European activities, hosting volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps and becoming partners to the upcoming E+ Round Trip, which is the project we want to talk about today.

E+ Round Trip Online Preparation for Young People

E+ Round Trip Infographic
E+ Round Trip explanation

Where did it come from?

This is actually a successor to the previous projects The suitcase, the map and the voyage of a youth worker and Online Training Courses for E+ Youth Workers. Both of them turned out great, for the young participants were able to learn in a dynamic and fun environment.

They had something that connected with the youth, including a forum for them to discuss and even a videogame to absorb the theory in an amusing way.

What is the main goal?

This new project intends, as the previous ones, to archive a better level of work professionalism in Europe at youth level. Furthermore, it aims to help the young people to acquire competences and to prepare them for Youth Exchanges and the European Solidarity Corps.

The basic goal would be to reach 150-450 young people so they join the online courses. Then, these participants will improve their preparation and archieve valuable skills and knowledge.

Who is this for?

The main beneficiaries will be youngsters - up to 35 years old - considering having an experience abroad: European volunteering, youth mobility, repatriates.

How does it work then?

The online learning platform of the E+ Round Trips offers innovative and practical tools for young people to learn, the steps are then:

  1. Registration at the E+ Round Trip (Mentioning Grosses Schiff as the partner who recommended)

  2. Preliminary assessment (just to check the progress!)

  3. Scheme with the main parts of the course.

  4. Each chapter comes as an e-book and includes videos, examples and suggested bibliography. Also links to resources!

  5. Tasks to turn theory into practice and supplementary work for the participant to be creative, research and share.

  6. Final assessment.

  7. Feedback

During this trip, they will get orientation - managing reverse culture shock, re-entry in the country, making the most out of an international event… - and training. The new knowledge and skills will surely be helpful!

Do participants of the E+ Round Trip receive a certificate?

Each module is associated to a specific competence and the participant will receive an online certificate explaining the topics covered and the acquired competences.

E+ Round Trip Steps Infographic

Our Planet, our Future

Regardless the chaos this year, we are going even further with planning. In 2021, the European Project Our Planet our Future will take place and many european young people will be able to gather and discuss the most important topic right now: the preservation of the environment.

But this is too exciting of a topic to just brief here, so we are organizing a info session the 17/04/2020 at WUK, in Vienna. For the internationals out of town, an online version can be arranged. Check out the Facebook Event or send us an email ( ) asking for more information!

Our planet our future event poster
Our Planet Our Future


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