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E+ Round Trip online preparation for Young People


Wir haben nun die Möglichkeit jungen Menschen, die sich für die Teilnahme an einem Jugendaustausch, oder als Freiwillige im Rahmen des Europäischem Solidaritätskorps für ein Praktikum bei uns im Verein interesseieren mit einem Online Training darauf vorzubereiten.

Die Registrierung findet über die Projekt Webseite statt. Bitte beim Eintrag, über welchen Partner ihr gekommen seid, Großes Schiff auswählen.


We now have the opportunity to prepare young people who are interested in participating in a youth exchange or volunteering as part of the European Solidarity Corps for an internship at our association with online training.

Registration takes place on the project website. When entering the partner you came through, please select Großes Schiff.

Wait a minute, then do you offer Online Training only to volunteers?

Our main goal is to prepare up to 150 young people with an online pre-departure training built for future European volunteers, but we also care about improving the preparation for potential future youth exchanges. Basically, the aim is to improve the capabilities of 150 young people - participants in the proposed online module - and potential participants in experiences abroad


Then, how do I know if I'm allowed to take the course? (Btw, is it for free)

There is no cost for the participants, as this is a co-funded program with Erasmus+. You only need to be under 30 years old, willing to adquiere some usefull competences and when the time comes, perhaps jumping into a Youth Exchange!


Okay, where can I get more info?

On April 2021, we are organizing an info session. It is going to take place at Wuk, in Vienna, but it's open for everybody so an online version can be arranged for all internationals out of the city. Let us know if you're interested!

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E+ Round Trip Online Preparation for Young People


Modern, dynamic and committed  environment aiming to archive a new level of work professionalism at EU/international level in the field of youth.


Our Planet, our Future

Exchange program for Youth

November 2021

Exchange for Young People taking place next year around the sustainability topic. As a tiny spoiler: there is a trip to Cyprus Island involved!