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Internet Technology for Disadvantaged


Partner: Österreich, England, Türkei

The problem addressed by the project is the digital divided suffered by disadvantaged people, who live in the territories of partners.
To combat the digital divide, partners commit to: understand the social causes of digital exclusion, what is the level of the gap for disadvantaged groups in their territories, which are the most suitable ways to fill these gaps and to promote the  use the ITC to overcome social exclusion. IT4Dip  will promote sharing of best experiences and methods in the field of digital  literacy for disadvantaged groups. Through active collaboration between all members of the partnership, the following objectives,  will be pursued:

-Analyze methods and experiences of different countries in the field of disadvantaged's computer literacy. In particular will be analized methods based on “cooperative learning”, which aims to improve the learning process and increase the self-esteem of learners, making them work with non-traditional subsidies but with tools that reinforce a positive image of themselves.

-Understand and compare the different initiatives and national policies related to digital divided;

-raise awareness, among local communities, about the importance of digital inclusion to improve the life quality;

-supporting, with innovative methods, disadvantaged groups to acquire basic ICT skills;

-raise awareness project’s beneficiaries that the use of ICT is a key factor to  exercise an active citizenship.

-Promote use of ICT to overcome exclusion;

-Ensure inclusive learning experiences and high quality for all learners. To achieve the objectives, will be realized the following activities:

-Organize events to raise awareness of digital divided and importance of e-inclusion;

-Identify innovative methods to improve the digital skills of disadvantaged;

-Implement laboratories to support disadvantaged groups to fill their digital divided;

-Realize a guide for teachers, social workers and volunteers who want to help ICT literacy of disadvantaged people.

-Produce and disseminate information material resulting from the cooperation.

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